Yo-Yo It!

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Yarn of your choice


Blunt needle

Crochet hook size H

Yo-yos are easy to make and are a fun way to embellish a piece of work. You can make them in a variety of contrasting, vivid colors against a dark ground (black, coffee, chocolate brown, burgundy or navy, to give you just a few examples. A dark slate gray will also work) or against a white, creamyu or light beige, or even a pearl gray.

On the other hand, you can use them tone on tone, just to add texture to the item you are making and mobility (if you choose to let them hang a little more) that is flirty and fun.

For example, for a shawl, you can add the yo-yos to the last 2 rows of your shawl as a substitute for tassels or a fringe. If it is a cardi, you can do the same or sew them all over a bag or large tote! You can also sew them in rows, leaving a space in between for a fun effect, similar to a moving fringe. Like colored, hanging coins, they will add motion to the garment or the purse.

Make your yo-yos all by themselves, either in the same yarn and color of the item you intend to sew them to or in contrasting colors or even texture to the item they will be embellishing.

Make your yo-yos as follows:

Leaving a tail at the start, ch 4, sl st to form ring.
Ch 3, work 16 dc in ring. Sl st to join rnd. Fasten off, leaving long tail.

Continue to make your yo-yos until you have the amount you have decided to use according to the kind of effect you want to achieve (an overall effect of adding them randomly all over the garment or bag, section embellishment, by just adding them in rows or just to a certain area of the garment or purse.)

Attaching your yo-yos:

Thread a blunt needle with one of the tails you left over and use that tail to sew the yo yo tothe garment or purse. Fasten off. Do the same with the other tail. You can sew the yo-yo closely to the garment or bag or leave bit of the yarn hanging for the yo-yo to have mobility.

Have fun with yo-yos! You can use them to embellish the front of a top or even the edges of a scarf. You can add them to the edges of a wrap or pile them up to form almost like a faux fur-like "collar" for a cardigan or sweater.


You can make yo-yos in eyelash yarn, so that they'll have the feel of moving, round fringes!

Hope you enjoy trying out these ideas!

This is a beautiful time of the year, when humans beings stop and think of others. This is also a verylonely time of the year for many. If you can, stop and make something beautiful for someone who is alone in the world, someone who has been forgotten by people but not by god and you will be greatly blessed!

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