Texture it With Knots! The Bullion Rosebud!

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There are as many kinds of bullion knot rosebuds as there are designers. i will be sharing with you my own. It is a very simple rosebud, you can make it a bit more complex by adding mroe petals to it, and i give you the suggestion of colors you can use to add to it.
This is a lovely techinique to learn to embellish crochet. You can add it to purses, clothing (especially tops and little girl's dresses),b ut you can also use to it embellish beanies, gloves, belts, the front of ponchos, totes, coin purses, and more!

If you are making these rosebuds as an all-over after-the-fact embellishment on a bag, and you used yarn for the bag, you can use yarn for the rosebuds.
If you want a contrasting fiber, you can use Perle or pearl cotton for the rosebuds.
Suggested colors: DMC Pearl Cotton Thread, Size 3, 16 yds. (15m)
Very Dk. Shell Pink
Very Lt. Shell Pink
If you want to use yarn, use the following colors:
Red Heart Shocking Pink or Country Rose
Rose Pink or Pretty 'N Pink
Baby Pink or Raspberry

Choose where you want your stitch to go on your bag or garment, bring the needle through from the back to the front at that spot, then you insert the needle a few stitches below that, and bring the needle up near where you oribilaly brought the needle through to start up,then you wrap the yarn around the needle (if you are using yarn, wrap 10 times, if you are using embroidery thread, wrap 15 times. Not too tightly so that you can pull the needle through!) Pull your needle through, tighten it up a bit and to anchor it in place, pull your yarn or thread through to the other side.
For second side of center, bring out needle a little bit under the bullion just made, then, insert needle through beside the bullion stitch just made and make a bullion with 8 wraps. pull needle through, tighten stitch and ancor it in place. Fasten off on the wrong side. Thread needle with Pretty 'N Pink, if using yarn.

If using Pearl cotton, thread needle with Rose. Starting right underneat the darker center, bring the needle through, then stitch above where you stitched the last bullion, to make this petal longer than the last one, make 12 wraps, pull needle through, tighten stitch, and anchor it.
Repeat this last stitch on the opposite side but make 14 wraps instead of 12. Pull through, tighten stitch. Anchor stitch and fasten off.
If you would like to make a couple of more petals, repeat the last 2 petals right beside the ones you made last, but using the pale pink yarn or thread.

Once you have made your rosebuds, you can add little crocheted leaves (if you want to). Use Red Heart worsted weight yarn Tea Leaf or if you use #10 cotton, make leaves with Frosty Green. Or you can make a couple of Bullion leaves using Tea Leaf if you are using yarn or Med Pistachio Green, if you use Pearl cotton, use Med. Pistachio Green.

If you came in just now and do know how to make the Bullion Knot to begin with and are interested in learning to use this technique, go back to our previous class and learn it, then come back and try the rosebud.
Here is where you will find our previous tutorial:

For our next class, we will complete a Bullion Rose.

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