Anna-Marie's Braid

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My sister's name is Anna-Marie, so I decided to name this braid after her in honor of the fact that she's a terrific Sis. This is a very easy braid that you can use to decorate a tote or a large bag.
For the making of the cords, please refer to previous tutorials of this series.

4 cords, twice the size of the bag or tote you will be decorating
Sewing thread in matching colors to attach cords to the bag
Sewing needle

Note- Until you learn how to make all these braids easily, use cords of different colors when you make them, so that it will be easier for you to follow the position of each cord and to get satisfactory results. (And to tell you the truth, braids look better when they're multicolored!)

To Make Anna-Marie's braid proceed as follows:

Make your cords, do not fasten off, just in case you need to either lengthen them or shorten them. Leave one end attached to yarn ball or skein and work with the opposite end.
1-To do the actual braiding, pin the 4 cords to the top of your bag, leaving a little excess that will go under the bag's lining and will be sewn to the inside of the bag under the lining.
2- Twist cords 1 and 2 together 3 times, pin down again. Twist cords 3 and 4 three times and pin pin place.
3- Pass cord 4 over cord 2, cord 2 over cord 4, and cord 4 under cord 1.
4- Place cord 3 over cord 1, then twist the two cords that wind up at both ends, the two on the left, twist them over each other, and the two that ended up on the right, over each other, pin in place. Rep steps 3 and 4 as many times as needed to complete your braid. Pin in place at each change.
Thread sewing needle with matching color and secure the braid to the bag.

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