Heart Frog

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This is a pretty frog that would enhance the look of any bag or tote you make. It is very easy to make also.

Worsted weight yarn of your choice (I used Red Heart Hot Red)
Crochet hook size H

Make a crocheted rope 16" long. (If you do not know how to make a crocheted rope, please refer to this tutorial: How to Make Crocheted Ropes)

Once you have your rope made, proceed as follows to make your frog:
Fold rope in half, matching ends. Twist once, forming a loop the size of the button you will be using. Thread a blunt needle with the yarn you used to make the rope, sew the center loops right below the twist you made to form the buttonhole (about 5 loops).

Turn one end up to form one of the sides of the heart, and continue to sew center. Stitch also the portion you curled up to secure the heart shape. Rep on the other side. Twist the ends that are on the sides to form small circles and sew to secure. Fasten off. Weave in tail.

Always use side loops of rope to sew shapes together.


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Frog Closure

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This is a pretty and easy to make frog closure that is wonderful for a garment as well as for a bag.

With Spring Green and H hook, ch 2.
Row 1- 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1, insert hook in side loops, pull up, yo, pull loop through.
Row 2- Insert hook in side loops, yo, and make a regular sc. Rep this row until you reach 16 inches long.
Fasten off. Thread a blunt needle with Spring Green.
Bend the cord in half, matching both sides so that they will have the same size. Turn one of those ends around as a spiral, as you turn, secure the spiral turns in place with small stitches using the little loops on the sides of the cord, fasten off.
Stitch the other end of the cord to the top of the spiral, fasten off. Take the loop you have now formed and make a knot in the middle of it with your fingers, forming a buttonhole. Sew in place. Sew your chosen button on opposite side.
You're done!

You can make variations of this closure by using a thicker yarn, by using both yarn and a filament-enriched cotton thread, a yarn together with a metallic thread, etc.
Let your imagination give you ideas!

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Jasmin's Strap

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This strap is very, very easy to make and it looks cute on a large tote. It is a knotted strap. You can make it with cords of a single color to match your tote, or if you work like me, in many colors, you can tailor it to the color palette you used to make your bag.

Worsted weight yarn of appropriate color to make your cords
Crochet hook size H
Purse rings
Pillow or piece of fabric to pin your cords to for stability when knotting

To learn how to make the Basic Rope to make this strap, please go here:Basic Rope Tutorial

Make 4 cords in the colors you have chosen for your bag.
Pin the cords to a pillow, to allow you to work more freely.
You will working in pairs as follows:

1- Bring first rope on the left to the front of second rope to the left, move the end of the rope to the back and around the second rope, and through the loop that is formed, pull to tighten.
Repeat for the second part of the knot.
Now, working on the opposite side, bring first rope to the right in front of second rope to the right, take it to the back of the second rope and then through the loop that forms. Repeat for the second part of the knot.

2- Repeat step #1

Leave a little bit of slack so that the colors will show. And now, let's work the center.

3- Bring second rope to the right in front of second rope to the left, around the rope towards the back, and then through the loop that forms. Repeat to form the second part of the knot.

4 and 5- Repeat step #1, twice.

Alternately repeating this process for as long as you need to, will form your strap. Wasn't that easy?


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