Kathlyn Frog Closure

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Frog Closures are such a  lovely finishing touch for a bag or even for a simple tote for daily use! This one is very easy to make. If you have never made one of our closures, start with this one, you will not be disappointed! Don't be intimidated by its beauty, it is as simple as knotting and sewing. Go ahead, make Kathlyn!

Red Heart worsted weight yarn (color of your choice)
Button of your choice
Pinning surface (could be an old cushion or pillow, a macrame board or a thick piece of cardboard)
Pins to hold your work in progress
Measuring tape
Yarn or blunt needle

Make 1 crocheted I-cord or rope that is 17 1/2 inches long.
If you don't know how to make the ropes, please refer to this tutorial:
How to Make Crochet I-Cord Ropes

To make Kathlyn, proceed as follows:
♦ Fold your rope in half, matching ends.
♦ Cross one leg of the rope over the other (still matching ends) and pin at the desired height to form a loop to match the button you will be using.
♦ Take the left leg (hanging cord) and turn it over itself to form a circle, insert the end through the circle and pull through (not too tightly) forming a knot.
♦ Repeat with opposite leg.
♦ Cross Right rope over Left rope, ends over each other, then bring towards the knot on each side and secure with a pin.
♦ Thread blunt needle with yarn and sew the center loop secure at the level of the button of your choice, then sew the ends secure on the sides of the knots, right underneath the knots. Fasten off
and weave ends at back of Frog.
♦ Sew onto your purse or bag using the little loops on the sides of the ropes, taking care not to pull nor deform your Frog Closure.


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