Pepper's Braid

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This is a pretty easy braid which will enhance any bag you want to embellish!
Note 1-
Unitl you learn how to make this braid well, i suggest that you learn to make it using 4 cords of different colors (it would look lovely against the black, dark brown, grey, white or beige crocheted fabric of a purse or bag.)
Or if you want to, use darker or lighter shades of the same color as the bag you will sew it to or contrasting variegated yarns that match or vice versa.
This will help you to keep track of where the cords are going until you learn this braid by heart, and no one will notice why you do it.
4 Basic cords twice the size of the space they will be covering on the bag

Note 2- If you want to match the size of the cords exactly, do not fasten them off, but simply make bobbins before you start your cords with enough yarn to make more than twice the cord you believe you need, in case you need to add to your cord.
Nice little economic bobbins can be made from the little square closures of sandwich bread. Place the unfinished portion of the braid to the bottom of your work. If you can complete the braiding to your satisfaction with the amount of cord you already had, wonderful!
Simply fasten off, leaving a long tail to sew with, and sew the braid in place once you have finished it. But if you are short, simply attach pins to secure the braiding you have done above, and crochet yourself some more cord to finish your embellishment. Then, fasten off and sew in place.
Note 3- To keep your cords in place, pin them as you go so that they will not move from where you want them. If you want your braid to be as open as the one in the photos, keep the cords position "open" so that the crocheted fabric of your bag can be seen through the twists and turns of the braid.

Make Pepper's Braid as follows:

1- Place your 4 cords at the top of the bag you want to embellish, leaving 2 sc in between each cord. Pin them securely into place so that you can work freely.

2- Bring cord #1 over cord #2.

3- Bring cord #3 over cord #4.

4- Place cord 31 over cord #4 (which is now in the center)

5- Bring cord #3 over cord #1

6- Place cord #2 over cord #4

To continue, repeat from step 2 to step 6 as many times as necessary, pinning in place so that the cords will stay in desired shape for a beautiful open braid.

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