Peony Pink Frog Closure

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Red Heart Shocking Pink
G hook
Measuring Tape.
Pinning surface (could be an old cushion or even a piece of cardboard)
Blunt needle to sew yarn

With G hook and Shocking Pink make a crocheted I-cord rope that is 25" long.

To make the frog closure, proceed as follows:
Place the rope on the pinning surface you have chosen to use. Match ends of the rope.
Pass left leg of rope over right leg to form a loop (adjust to the size of the button you have chosen) and pin down.
Take left leg of rope and bring it around the right leg towards the back, forming a loop, then take the right leg and move it tot he back, then toward the front around the left leg and into the loop formed. Tighten a bit to form a knot.

Turn the end of the rope into a circle by curling over itself, then, slip the end of the rope through the loop formed and tighten, making a knot.
Repeat ont he opposite side.
Sew remaining ends of the rope to the back of the center knot as seen in photos.
Secure the top loop (buttonhole) with a few stitches.


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