Frog Closure

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Originally, I made this closure for one of my neckwarmers, but it works so well for a purse or bag that I decided to share it here.

Worsted weight yarn scraps to match or contrast the bag or tote you are making.
Crochet hook size H
Sewing thread
Sewing needle
Button of your choice

Frog-style closure: With Lipstick yarn and G hook, make a crab stitch braid that is 10 inches long. Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew with.
You can make your closure in several ways, but let's try a simple one. Bend the crab stitch cord you just made in half, take the left leg of that bent cord and cross it over the right side leg, forming a loop, without undoing that loop, insert that same leg of cord into the center of the loop and pull gently, until you have a nice knot that looks almost like a Josephine knot, and two pieces of crab cord at both ends. You are going to bend those two pieces of cord and sew them with the tail you left, one upwards and one downwards, to form your frog. Then you will sew this to the neck warmer at a height that is comfortable to close it around the neck, using the small loops of the crab cord to anchor your stitches. Fasten off. Sew button opposite loop of the frog closure on the other side of the neck warmer. Fasten off.
Note: Since this is a closure and it will pulled ever time the neckwarmer is used, sew your stitches firmly, not tight, but firm so that the pretty frog will not come apart.
You're done!
This pattern has been corrected. Thank you again, Margaret!
Fire-ice-aiken, the pattern is simpler now!


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Betty Jo's Braid

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For this purse strap you will need 4 ropes. Each of a different color (please refer to previous tutorials to learn how to make the crocheted ropes. Use the Search box to find them.)
For this example I used Red Heart colors Shocking pink, Pretty 'n Pink, Spring Green and Kelly Green, but you can use anything you like or what will match with your bag.

Once you have your ropes, you make the strap as follows:

1- Twist your first two colors and pin them down at the top and at the bottom of the working surface, so that the twist will not unravel and remain firm.
2- Insert the other two cords through the center of the first twist, bring the ends around the edges and push them down the center of the next twist, keep repeating until you get the length you want.
3- Secure both ends with a safety pin before you take your braid off of your working surface and finish your strap by sewing the ends to your purse ring securely.

This makes a pretty easy 4-color braid that even a braiding beginner can make in a jiffy!

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Betsy's Woven Purse Handle

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This is one of the easiest weavings to make for a pretty purse or bag handle.
Make 3 crocheted ropes in 3 different colors which either contrast or harmonize with your bag, tote or purse.
Make them a little bit longer than you think your need them, to allow for the twisting and weaving, but leave one end
attached to the ball or skein, just in case you need to add more length to complete your project.
Attach the finished end of each rope to a pillow or something that will allow you to do the weaving without the ropes moving all over the place. The rope that will weave through the twisted ones, if still attached to a ball or skein, must lie on the
opposite direction than the others, otherwise, the ball or skein will not permit you to pass the rope through the twists.
To make the woven braid, proceed as follows:

1- Attach first two braids. Then twist them over each other, pin down to keep them in place.
2- Take weaver rope and then pass it over and under in between the middle of the twists.

Once you have the desired length, sew to a purse ring and you have a pretty embellished strap for your next purse, tote, or bag!

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