Frog Closure

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This is a pretty and easy to make frog closure that is wonderful for a garment as well as for a bag.

With Spring Green and H hook, ch 2.
Row 1- 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1, insert hook in side loops, pull up, yo, pull loop through.
Row 2- Insert hook in side loops, yo, and make a regular sc. Rep this row until you reach 16 inches long.
Fasten off. Thread a blunt needle with Spring Green.
Bend the cord in half, matching both sides so that they will have the same size. Turn one of those ends around as a spiral, as you turn, secure the spiral turns in place with small stitches using the little loops on the sides of the cord, fasten off.
Stitch the other end of the cord to the top of the spiral, fasten off. Take the loop you have now formed and make a knot in the middle of it with your fingers, forming a buttonhole. Sew in place. Sew your chosen button on opposite side.
You're done!

You can make variations of this closure by using a thicker yarn, by using both yarn and a filament-enriched cotton thread, a yarn together with a metallic thread, etc.
Let your imagination give you ideas!

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