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For this purse strap you will need 4 ropes. Each of a different color (please refer to previous tutorials to learn how to make the crocheted ropes. Use the Search box to find them.)
For this example I used Red Heart colors Shocking pink, Pretty 'n Pink, Spring Green and Kelly Green, but you can use anything you like or what will match with your bag.

Once you have your ropes, you make the strap as follows:

1- Twist your first two colors and pin them down at the top and at the bottom of the working surface, so that the twist will not unravel and remain firm.
2- Insert the other two cords through the center of the first twist, bring the ends around the edges and push them down the center of the next twist, keep repeating until you get the length you want.
3- Secure both ends with a safety pin before you take your braid off of your working surface and finish your strap by sewing the ends to your purse ring securely.

This makes a pretty easy 4-color braid that even a braiding beginner can make in a jiffy!

God Loves You!
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