Marly's Braid or Purse Strap

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This pretty braid can be used either to embellish a purse or a tote bag or for the strap of the bag. To make this easy but pretty braid, make 4 ropes in different colors, I used Red Heart yarns because they are easily found by all, the colors I chose, if you happend to like the color combo, were:
Bright Yellow, Delft Blue, Turqua (to get a nice aqua shade)and Spring Green, for the MacIntosh apple tone (please refer to previous tutorials to learn how to make the ropes.)
To make the braid proceed as follows:Pin the ropes to a pillow or to a piece of cardboard (with a piece of fabric underneat to keep the braid clean) to make it easier for you to make the braid.

1- Cross rope 3 over rope 2.
2- Without bringing the to the top, but moving them underneath the previously made cross, bring rope 4 and rope 1 to the center and cross rope 1 over
rope 4.
3- Cross tope 4 over rope 3 (bue over aqua) and rope 1 over rope 2 (green over yellow).
4- Cross rope 3 over rope 2 (aqua over yellow).
5- Bring Blue and green ropes to the center, underneath the other 2 ropes. Cross blue over green rope.
6- Bring the other two ropes underneath the previous rope and cross the yellow over the aqua.
7- Cross the aqwua over the green and the yellow over the blue.
8- Bring the yellow and the aqua underneath the other two ropes and cross them.
9- Bring the blue and the green under the yellow and the aqua and cross them.
Continue these steps for as long as you want to, thios will make a lovely braid for the front of a bag or a very striking handle for a bag!

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