Debra's Braid

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This is a fun braid, it is a combination of 3-strand and 4-strand that occurred to me as I was working with ropes. I named it after a friend of our family. This braid makes a pretty embellishment for a bag that needs a little "something."
To make this braid, you will need 4 crocheted ropes (please look at previous tutorials to learn how to make them!) preferably of 4 different
colors so that you will be able more easily to track where each one goes (and the braids look prettier that way.)
To make braid proceed as follows:
1- Working only with the first 3 ropes, cross rope 3 over rope 2.
2- Bring rope 1 over rope 2.
3- Bring rope 3 over rope 2.
4- Bring rope 1 over rope 2.
5- Bring rope 4 underneath rope 3 and over rope 2, bring rope 1 over it.
6- Bring new rope 4 under rope 3, over rope 2 and under new rope 1.
7 to 10- Ignoring new rope 1, and working only with 3 ropes, rep rows 1- 4.

Rep all these rows over and over to get your rope.

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