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At first glance, this braid looks like a common 3-strand braid, but it is made with 4 ropes, so it can have 4 colors. You can make it monotone when you learn it well, but it will never have the impact that the multi-colored one has, because if makes you wonder, how come it has 4 colors if it is a 3-strand braid?
It is also pretty easy to make.

You will need 4 crocheted ropes for this pretty braid (please, refer to previous tutorials for information on how to make them) in the colors of your choice.
If you are a beginner, I suggest you make each rope a different color, because that way you will be able to follow the instructions better. Once you are used to making
these braids, you will be able to make them with ropes that have the same color without getting lost.

Pin the 4 ropes at the top of your bag, leaving a bit of excess that will go under the lining of the bag. (Refer to previous instructions.)


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