Kelly's Braid

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This is a pretty braid that looks as if it had been made with 3 strands of rope, but in reality it is made with 5. The difference between making this braid and making a common 3 rope braid is the change in colors, which is really evident and beautiful all through the length of the braid. You can use this braid to embellish a bag but also you can use it to make the bag's handle. if you want it to embellish the front of your bag, measure the length and make extra cord (please see our previous tutorials to see how we do it) pin the ropes to the top of your bag, leaving an excess that will go over the edge of the bag and we sewn to the inside of it and under the lining of the bag. If you want to use it for the handle of your bag, simply sew the ropes firmly to a ring and begin braiding, once you have the length of handle you want, sew the other end of the braid to another ring. Fasten off. Attach rings to bag.
This braid is worth making if you want wonderful colors! You don't get all these colors with 3-strand braids.

Here is how to make Kelly's braid:

After choosing what you will do with the braid, either sew the ropes to a ring or pin them to the top of your bag as explained before.

1. Take the first rope that lies to the right and bring it to the middle, then take the first rope that lies to the left and bring it to the middle and cross it on top of that one.

2. Take the rope that is now the first one on the right and bring it to the middle and then take the rope that has now become the first one on the left and cross it over that one.

Continue this process until you get the length of braid you want!

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