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If you make bags often or totes, you cannot have enough of these braids. You could be making the same simple bag, and making it look different each time by using one of these braids. This one is beautiful as is, but you can embellish it further as I will explain later. Let's get going!

Make 6 ropes as explained before (please refer to other tutorials for manner of making the ropes)
of 6 different colors of your choice (it will help you keep better track of where each rope goes
and honestly speaking, the braids are prettier that way!) Choose colors that match or contrast
your bag or tote in a complimentary way. It the bag is in a neutral tone (beige, light gray, ets.)
the sky is the limit, because those colors go with any other color or hue you can imagine!

To start the braid: Measure your bag to place ropes at an equal distance on both sides.

Pin 3 ropes on one side at the top of the bag, leaving a bit of extra rope that will be secured to the inside of the
bag and will go under the lining of the bag.

Pin 3 topes on the opposite end at the top of the bag, leaving at least 3 inches in between the two groups of ropes.


1- Bring the left hand rope over the middle rope to the center.
2- Now, place the right hand rope over the new middle strand to the center.
3- Now bring the middle rope forward from behind and pass it over the strand that is now on the left side, and bring it to the center.
Repeat these 3 steps once more. Now pin the ropes in place, and repeat this process with the other 3 ropes on opposite side of bag.
Pin both braids so that the top braiding will not become runraveled.

No bring the rope that is on the left of the second braid and join it to the first group of rope pairs and do the same with the last rope on the
right side.

Now, bring the new second braind from behind, and pass it over the rope that left to join the other group of pairs. Now braid again with the 3 new pairs on each side as before.

Pin securely and sew your braid to the bag. Fasten off, Cover inside ends with lining.

When you sew your braid in place, make sure to move upward the rope that lies behind in the center and secure it in place so that it can be seen.
You can also sew a beautiful crocheted flower in the center or a pretty, large button of your choice.


Less than 2 minutes to read and it will brighten your day!
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