Embellished Crochet Academy Lesson 2: Rick Rack

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Last week, we used Puff Balls to embellish a bag, tote or garment that needed a little "more" after it was finished. This week, we will try our hand at rick rack. Rick rack can be very useful, you can use its valleys and peacks to "hang" a lacy ruffle, you can use it as is to just edorate around your bag or garment without having to unravel a single stitch to sproce things up.

Here's a simple rick rack you can make, which is very flexible and can be used in various decorative ways:

With yarn of your choice and H hook, ch 3.

Work 3 hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Ch 3, make 3 hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Rpe until you have the desired length.

How to use it:

You can sew this rick rack to your bag or garment in various ways, using it as is, or you can bead it or sew a decorative pearl or button to each "peak" of the rick rack.

You can make 2 rows of rick rack in contrasting colors of yarn or thread (depending on the project and the time of the year) and sew them with the peaks either facing away from each other of 1 up, 1 down, or all facing one another. This rack rack is very, very flexible and you can turn it easily in whatever direction you like.

You can sew it either forming two horizontal rows around a bag or the front of a grament, or two vertical rows.

You can also sew them in a V or U shape or form a half square, leaving the top opened and fill the inside with beads or buttons of any size. Even giant buttons look good.

You can also form a heart shape or a diamond with it. Simply, pin it down in the shape you have in mind and sew in place. If you form a heart, for example, you can eaither leafe it as is, or fill the hollow center with beads or buttons.

This will give a fresh look to your a favorite pattern for a bag, tote, purse or garment.
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