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This is a pretty easy to make purse strap, it is quite lovely if you make it in two colors, so that the loops will show more. Sew the ends to purse rings and you're set!
Worsted weight yarn of your choice (I used Red Heart) in at least 2 different colors (for the sides), I chose to make it in 3 different colors for effect.
Crochet hook size H.
A surface to pin your ropes to while you loop (it could be a pillow or a piece of cardboard)

As usual, we will start with two crocheted ropes. Please refer to our tutorial on how to make them.
You will find it here:
How to Make the Crocheted Ropes
Your ropes can contrast or match your bag in any combination of your liking.
To start, make your ropes. Pin them to the top of your working surface or pillow.
Step 1- Take rope #1, the one that is to the left and bring it to the front of rope #2, then around that rope to the back of it and then pass it over the little curve that formed as you went around, and bring it back to the front again.
Step 2- Now take rope #4 (the one that lies first to your right), bring it to the front of the middle rope (rope #2), around it toward the back and then
bring it to the front again, passing it over the little curve that forms on the side as you work. Tighten a bit.

To form your strap, repeat step #1 and step #2 alternately for as long as you need to to form the length of strap you want.
Fasten off, and sew ends to purse rights.


If you want to, you can make the loops a bit more loose to allow the middle color to be seen. But if you make them tight, you will have a nice, strong strap that you
look very nice pretty rings in a small purse with pretty as a substitution to a more expensive wooden handle. It also makes a strong strap for a large tote bag.

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