Naomi's Braid or Purse Strap

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This braid or strap is a colorful and easy way to add interest to a common-looking and otherwise drab little tote or bag. If you have made a large bag and it looks a bit dull, even with bright colors and seems to be missing "something", why not add one of these fun and attractive straps? You will find a few nice ones in this blog.

To learn how to make the crocheted ropes, please search for the tutorial about them by using the Search box at the right hand side of this blog post.

Make 4 crocheted I-cord ropes of different colors contrasting or harmonizing with the color or colors of your bag or tote.
The ropes will be more attractive if they are not made all the same color, it will also be easier for you to keep track of where
the ropes go, when you're a newbie at this.
Leaving at the edges to the braid a bit of free rope so that you can easily sew the finished braid to the purse rings once you are done, proceed as follows:

1- Pass rope 4 under rope 3 and then bring to the front over the same rope, and towards the back over itself, forming a loop. Tighten. Repeat again.
Repeat the same procedure with rope 1 and rope 2, twice.

2- Cross the two middle ropes over each other, left rope over right rope. Place the ends behind the two side ropes.
3- Cross the side ropes in the middle, the left rope over the right rope.
4 and 5- repeat steps 2 and 3 twice.
6- Repeat step 1.

Continue repeating these steps for the length of your strap. Sew ends to a purse ring and you're done!

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