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This is the second part of our knotted hearts tutorial. This one is for a hollow heart. You can combine heart 1 and heart 2 or make either one. You can also use either one of the knots we learned and practiced (Colonial or French knot)they are interchangeable.
To make the heart you will simply proceed as we did with the first one, following the chart,you will be making 1 French or Colonial knot per black dot on the chart, each square of the chart standing for 1 sc of crocheted fabric. You simply work the chart as if you were working cross stitch or any other chart, making 1 knot per dotted square until you complete the heart.

Materials: As before, I used worsted weight yarn for my stitches and a blunt needle, if you would be working on cotton or a lighter fabric, please use Pearl cotton or embroidery floss, adding strands to make your knot thicker and more visible. Color is up to you. You can make your hearts of many colors, tone on tone with the crocheted fabric or all of one color that will contrast with the already corcheted piece, such as red hearts on a black purse or bright pink hearts over a light-colored top or sweater.
If you just found us and would like to make this heart to embellish a crocheted project you have, please visit the previous tutorials in which we learned to make the knots and then applied them to the first heart, sot hat you can have a better idea of what we are talking about here.
You will find the tutorial on how to make the knots here:

This is where you will find the tutorial on how to make heart #1:
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