Embellished Crochet Academy Lesson 1: Puff Balls

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Embellished Crochet—After The Fact Embellishments: Puff Balls

This course is for those who have a favorite pattern that they can make in a jiffy, almost with their eyes closed. A pattern they love and would make over and over again, if only it didn’t look the same! There is a solution to that and this course offers you many ideas you can apply to your simple patterns to spruce them up and give them a different touch, taking from the that “sameness” that has stopped you from repeating them till now! But it is not restricted only to bags. The embellishments you will learn can be applied to a variety of crocheted items such as tops, cardigans, shawls, hats, and many more! As many as your imagination and creativity lead you to use them on. Once you have learned these embellishments, you can work out your favorite patterns and just embellish them at the end.

So let's assume you have just finished a tote bag using your favorite pattern and you want to make it look different. Puff It! This is especially fun if you are making two or more of the same pattern and want to make each bag turn out different.

Let's Puff It Today- You already made your bag, (have not lined it yet) top, beanie, beret, scarf, or cardi, but you want to add "something" to it, so let's "puff" it!
You can make tone on tone puffs, or use a variety of contrasting colors, or you can make all the puffs the same color but of a color that contrasts beautifully with the bag or garment. You can also use a texture (novelty yarn,funfur, eyelash yarn, frisee or boucle yarn of your choice)or you can make them in pure wool (even if the original purse or garment is in acrylic yarn)and needle felt them before you add them for a different effect.

Materials needed:Yarn of your choice
Finished purse, tote, bag or garment
Blunt needle

Make the Puff Balls as Follows:

With yarn of your choice and H hook, ch 3.
Work 5 dc in 3rd ch from hook, leaving last loop of each dc unowrked on hook, yo and pull yarn through all loops on hook. Move all the dc towards the back to form a ball, turn the puff around and look below it. You will find what is rest of the foundation loop where all the dc where made, insert hook there and make a slip stitch. Fasten off, leaving long tail to sew your puff with.

Repeat this procedure until you have all the puff balls you want to add to your bag or garment. When you have all the puffs you want done,thread a blunt needle with the tail you left when you finished each puff and sew them to the bag or garment one at a time where you want them.
You can scatter them all over your project or place them only at the bottom or center of it. For example, if you are using them to embellish a beanie or beret, you can crowd all your puffs aorund the center top of your beanie or beret. It you want to use them to embellish a scarf, add to the bottom ends of it. If you want to dot a purse, bag or tote, you can use them all ovedr or just down the front in a vertical line, around the bag on a vertical swath, you can use them only at the bottom on a thick row, you can also use them to worm a pattern linke a zig zag. The uses are as endless as your imagination!
If you want them for a cardi or top, you can place them at the bottom and edge of sleeves, down the front, as a horizonal line around, dotted all over, and in any way you want it!
You can use the tufted feel by making your puffs of funfur. Follow your creativity!

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