Adelaide Frog Closure

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If you love to make purses and tote bags, learning to make your own frog closures is one of the best things you can do, it will save you money in commercial closures and also provide you with a unique and elegant way to present your purse to others, weather you make them for gifts or for selling. Adelaide is super simple to make but looks great, especially when paired with a cute button of your choice that matches your tote or purse!
To make Adelaide, choose your color and crochet your rope.
If you don't know how to crochet I-cord, please refer to this tutorial:
How to Make Crochet I-Cord Ropes

Scraps (less than 1/2 skein) of worsted weight yarn of your choice (cotton or acrylic) matching or contrasting your bag colors as you prefer
Crochet hook size H
Button of your choice
Strong sewing thread (optional)
Blunt needle

These are the Steps You need to Follow:
►1- Leaving a long tail at the start, make a Crochet I-Cord that is 18" long, fasten off, leaving an equally long tail at the end (this would be according to your preference both to sew the Frog Closure together and to attach it to your crocheted bag or purse.)
►2- Fold your rope in two, ends matching, and make a sliding knot as if you were going to begin to crochet with the rope itself  (a basic slip knot). DO NOT TIGHTEN THE KNOT! Adjust the knot to match the size of the button you will be using, (test the loop with your button!) Don't make the loop too loose, you know that sometimes crochet stretches with use! Adjust the legs of your rope and leave the knot below your loop, loose enough to pass the end of your rope through.
►3- Now, fold the right leg of the rope left handing in half and pass the loop formed through the loose knot below the loop that will act as your buttonhole, forming a new loop, and pull to tighten, but not too much.
►4- Fold the left leg of the rope left hanging in half, and pass as a loop through the loop just made, and tighten just enough for your work to lie flat.
►Curl the two ends left toward the bottom sides of your frog closure. Pin in place at the back of the frog.
►Thread blunt needle with the tails you left at the beginning and end of your crocheting when you made the I-Cord and sew the ends to where you want them. If necessary, make small stitches to twist the knotted section of the rope in the direction you want the knots to go. Fasten off!  (If you want to, you can use leftover yarn to attach your Frog Closure to your back, or use any strong sewing thread if you prefer.)


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