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This is another lovely strap that you could use for a tote or if you want it shorter, for a handbag.You can end the strap just by sewing the ends to the bag, or by bending the ends around a purchased purse ring and sewing the ends onto the strap itself on the back.
Worsted weight yarn of your own choice in 4 colors (or at least 2 different colors,) I chose two shades of orange, a green and a yellow. You will need at least 1/2 skein of each color
Crochet hook size H
Pinning surface
2 Large safety pins

►To make Tazia, proceed as follows:
First, make your crocheted I-cords or ropes.
If you don't know how to make the ropes, please refer to this tutorial:
How to Make Crochet I-Cord Ropes

Note 1- This strap begins flat but then turns into a round, woven cord to make the flat knots you will need to pin the ropes of I-cord to a pinning surface, but to work the round part, you will not need the pinning surface anymore.
Leaving about an inch of crocheted I-cord at the top, take one of the large safety pins and pass it through each one of the 4 crocheted ropes, joining them all into a bundle. Attach the top of the "waste" cord to the pinning surface and begin to work.
Once your ropes are made. attach them to your pinning surface. Pin your ropes as follows: the two from one color on the edges (positions 1 and 4, and the two on the contrasting color, in the middle.) Mentally count your ropes 1, 2, 3 and 4 from left to right.
►Bend rope 4 over the two middle ones and under rope 1. Bend rope 1 around the back of the two middle  ropes and over the loop formed by rope 4 when you bent it, now pass the end of rope 1 towards the back into the loop formed by rope 4. Tighten it. Repeat this twice.
►Note 2- When you tighten, it is important that you hold down the middle ropes with one hand while you pull on the others with your other hand, so that the tightening will be even. Also, when you tighten the side ropes (ropes 1 and 4) do it in a horizontal direction.
Once you make these 2 flat knots, you are ready to begin the round part of the strap. Take off the pins and detach the ropes from the pinning surface.

To make the round section of the strap proceed as follows:
►Note 3- At this point, it is optional to add the second safety pin to secure the round portion of the strap while you work on the last 2 flat knots.
►Lay the bundle of cords on the safety pin that holds them and, ignoring the little ends you left for sewing the strap to purse rings, spread the 4 ropes in the four directions of the compass.
►Now, take the rope that is lying in the direction of "UP" and bring it down where the one in the direction of "Down" is, and take the one that was Down and put it where the one that was Up was located.
►Now take the rope that lies to the Right and pass it over to where the one on the Left is, and take the one on the Left and put it where the one on the Right used to be.
►Repeat this process until you have reached almost the end of your strap (you have to eyeball this, it is not a precise science.)
►Repeat the two flat knots you made at the beginning, leaving just enough rope ends to be able to sew the strap around the purse rings you have chosen for your purse. Remove safety pins and sew strap ends to purse rings as usual. Fasten off, weave in tails.

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  1. Thank you! Making your own straps will not only save you money, but it will allow you to color-coordinate your bags and totes the way you really want to, which is a plus in my book. Enjoy!

  2. Lovely strap! Thanks for sharing!! Stopping by from HOHD party.

  3. Thank you! Hope you use it in one of your projects. Enjoy!