Easy Fancy Frog Closure

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This frog is pretty easy to make and it looks terrific, whether you use it to close a bag or tote or in a jacket or cardi.

As with all our frogs, to be able to make this frog, you will first need to make our ropes. Please refer to our tutorial on how to make them.
You will find it here:
How to Make the Crocheted Ropes

Note- The most important thing you need to keep in mind when making the ropes for the first time is that after you make the first sc, you have to forget about the regular top loops in which you usually insert the hook to make your sc, ignore those, and look for the little loop that naturally forms on the side when you make your first sc, insert your hook THERE. Then, pull up your yarn and finish your sc as usual. Turn. Now look on the side again and you will see TWO little loops, insert your hook through those TWO loops, pull up your yarn, and finish your sc as usual. Turn and look for the TWO loops again and repeat the process as before. If you do it that way, your rope will come out perfect!

Worsted weight yarn, color of your choice
Crochet hook size H
A pillow or cardboard surface to pin to
Measuring tape
Sewing thread to match your frog or button
Sewing needle
Blunt needle
Button to match your frog and size appropriate for your frog's buttonhole

To make this frog, make a rope that is 19" long.
To make the frog, fold the rope in half, matching ends.
1- Pass left end over right end, forming a loop, matching ends.
2- Twist the loop once to match size of the button you will be using.
3- Pass right end over itself, forming a loop, pin in place.
4- Pass left end over itself, forming a loop, pin in place.
5- Cross left end over right end once. Pin in place.

Thread blunt needle with yarn and discreetly sew the frog together so that it will not come apart with you take off the pins. Thread blunt needle with yarn and sew in place on your bag, except for buttonhole loop. Fasten off, weave in tail.
Sew button opposite to frog buttonhole loop.


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