Knotted Frog Closure

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My mom asked me to make this frog closure for her, for a pretty wrap she has been crocheting and I decided to share it with all of you. It can be equally used as a closure for a warp, shawl, jacket or a lovely large tote or bag, so here it is!

Worsted weight yarn of your choice (I used Red Heart Burgundy)
Crochet hook size h
Measuring tape
Blunt needle
Cardboard, pillow or other pinning surface
Button (color of your choice, size according to the buttonhole loop you create at the beginning)

If you do not know how to make crocheted I-Cord ropes, please refer to this tutorial:
If you don't know how to make the ropes, please refer to this tutorial: How to Make Crochet I-Cord Ropes
To make this frog, proceed as follows:
Make a 25" long I-Cord crochet rope. (Measure it, you'll need every inch of it!) Fasten off, leaving long tail.
Fold rope in half, ends matching. Fold left end of rope over right end, pin to pinning surface (that will be your buttohole, so take into consideration the size you want and slide the hole a little bit if necessary to match your button size! Make sure ends match after adjustment.)
After buttonhole has been made, you will have approx. 10" on either side of rope to work with. Place a pin in the middle of the loop, where you pass the rope over itself to form the loop and 1 pin on each side of the rope, on both sides of the top.
Cut 2 20" pieces of Burgundy (or color that you have chosen to make your frog) and fold in half, matching ends. Remove central pin of buttonhole loop, leaving the other two pins in place.
Slip the folded yarn under the loop that forms the buttonhole, where the rope legs cross, and froming a loop with the yarn, pass the ends of the yarn through the yarn loop and pull tight. Replace the central pin on top of the yarn, leave the rest of the yarn hanging. Fold Left leg of rope over the central hanging yarn and pass it under the right leg of the rope. Bring right leg of the rope under the yarn and over the loop that has formed when you bent the left leg of the rope. Pull up gently, holding the handing yarn taut. (Square Knot formed.)
Move the pins to the top of the buttonhole loop.

Repeat the Square Knot.
Repeat the Square Knot again.
Curl remaining length of rope over itself and pin.
Repeat with the opposite side.
Thread blunt needle with yarn of corresponding color and begin to sew the curled up ends secure.Using side loops of I-Cord rope, sew the curled up ends to the knotted center. Fasten off. weave in ends.
Make a few discreet stitches to secure butthole loop in place for constant use.
DO NOT SNIP THE HANGING YARN. Weave into the back of the frog.
Fasten off, weave in ends.
Tip- If your frog is a bit twisted to the side, that is normal because of the knotting. "Straighten" it out and fix it in place by a few discreet stitches at the back.


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