Grasshopper Frog Closure

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A pretty closure is the perfect finish for any bag, tote, shawl, wrap or jacket, this one is no exception!

Worsted weight yarn of your choice (I used Red Heart Spring Green,) less than 1/2 skein
Crochet hook size H
Green button the size of the loop you plan to leave on the frog (that can be adjusted to your taste)
Blunt needle
Pinning surface (cardboard, pillow, macrame board, etc)
Measuring tape

If you don't know how to make the ropes, please refer to this tutorial:
How to Make Crochet I-Cord Ropes

To make this frog, proceed as follows:

  • Make a 25" long I-Cord crochet rope. (Measure it, you'll need every inch of it!) Fasten off, leaving long tail to later sew it with.
  • Fold the rope in half, matching ends. Cross left side of rope over right side, pin in place (that is your buttonhole, adjust to size of button you have chosen, remembering to match the ends.)
  • Cut a piece of Spring Green yarn 60" long. Fold it in half. Fold it in half again, remembering to match ends. Move pin on the I-cord to the beginning of one of the sides, add another pin to the other rope leg, making sure you keep the loop you formed, but freeing the spot so you can work. Put one finger into the loop in the middle of the folded yarn and pass it under the loop formed by the I-cord or crocheted rope, then bring the yarn around from the back to the front over the loop, and pass the ends of the yarn through the loop in the yarn and tighten it, securing the I-cord loop in place. (Do NOT cut the yarn!) Move the pins again to where it’s comfortable for you to secure the loop and yet be able to work with the ends freely.
  • Divide the hanging yarn into 2 equal sections.
  • While holding the piece of hanging yarn that lies to the right, bring the end of the crocheted rope over the yarn, then around it towards the back and insert the end of the rope through the loop that forms naturally. Repeat a second time.
  • Do the same with the opposite leg of the I-cord, pass it over the handing yarn on the left, then around it towards the back and through the loop that forms, and tighten it. Repeat a second time.
  • Now bring the handing yarn to the middle and tie a knot.
  • Now pass the crocheted rope on the right under the hanging yarn and bend it, pass the I-cord on the left over the handing yarn and bend it, pass the ends through the loops formed and tighten. Repeat again.

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