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If you make purses, you can never learn to make too many different purse straps! They give variety and interest to the simplest purse, especially if they are knotted or braided! Karielle is very easy to make, especially if you take the time to go through our previous tutorials!
If you don't know how to make a rope, please refer to our tutorial that teaches how to make them.
You will find it here:
How to Make the Crocheted Ropes

Worsted weight yarn in color or colors of choice
Crochet hook size H
Pillow or cardboard to pin to
Blunt needle to sew
Purse rings

To make this strap, crochet 4 ropes, twice as long as the length of strap you want, leaving 1 end of each rope attached to a ball of yarn, just in case you need to make a bit of extra rope, or to unravel some, if you miscalculated. That way, you will not have to start all over again.

At the beginning of the strap, leave about 1 ½ to 2 inches of rope un-worked, so that you can bend over a purse ring and sew. Pin in place so that ropes will not come off as you work.
Start rope as follows:

1-     Take rope #1 (the one on the right), to the back and bend it to form a loop. Bring rope #4 to the center, lay it in front, on top of the 2 center ropes and bend it to form a loop. Now, take the end of rope #4 towards the back over the bend you made with rope #1, and bring the end of rope #1 from the back to the front over the bend with rope #4, forming a knot. Slide it upwards, tightening it gently. Repeat again.
2-     Bring the right hand rope over the one just closest to it. Cross the rope in the middle over the one on the left. Cross the two ropes in the middle over each other, left to right. Repeat these steps for as long as you need to form your strap.
3-     Factor into your calculations, that you must leave 1 ½ to 2 inches of rope to sew onto the purse ring, plus about 1 inch more to make the last granny knot.
4-     So once, you have reach that point in your braiding, make a granny knot as we did at the beginning and then, end your braid, leaving a bit of rope at the end to sew around a purse ring.


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